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The Internet of Things (IoT) is the culmination of all the major changes in software development and testing in the last 30 years from screen based apps to GUI, client/server architecture to the internet and mobile.  The mobile revolution has created a world where our customers are “always on”, reliant on their mobile devices for both work and play, with growing expectations of usability, performance and overall customer experience (CX). The IoT and the connectivity of everything therefore demands CX on steroids with additional emphasis on security, privacy and effective underlying processes, as these devices permeate not just our corporate environments, but also our homes.

To give you an idea of the complex test strategy required, here are just some of the considerations:

  • Embedded and web provided functionality testing
  • Network communication and internal computation performance testing
  • Testing “smart” features such as sensors
  • M2M learning and M2M communications
  • Smart gridssmart homesintelligent transportation and smart cities
  • Data lakes and data aggregation platforms and services
  • Privacy and security issues and testing
  • Longer development periods with a shift left approach to continuous testing
  • High levels of automation testing required
  • The need to test in unusual environments that are very hot, freezing cold, wet, dry and humid amongst others
  • Testing the architecture of both hardware and software and the multiple configurations
  • The enormous complexity, interconnectedness and innovation of IoT devices means more complex coding and the possibility of an increased number of bugs
  • Testing the limitations of resources such as memory, processing power, bandwidth and battery life.


Keys to Success

The key to success for all modern mobile and IoT test strategies is to collaborate with expert teams that have the appropriate development skills, carry out thorough testing across multiple browsers and devices, undertake in-depth research into how your users interact with your application, and evaluate and use best-of-breed tooling.

These requirements for success are the reason we built Sogeti Studio, Sogeti’s comprehensive, local, digital web and mobile lab that extends the services of our Testing Center’s of Excellence (TCoEs) across Americas, Europe and India. The Studio brings a new meaning to “end-to-end” solutions through on-demand services that enable you to create stunning web, mobile and IoT applications, test them across a wide range of regularly refreshed browsers, devices and application configurations, integrate legacy systems, collate and analyse metrics, manage your brand reputation and launch and market your app. The key to Sogeti Studio’s seamless performance?

Connected devices and connected people.

The Studio offers access to a variety of leading tools as well as proprietary frameworks. We partner and co-engineer solutions and tools with leading providers and product companies. Supporting services include comprehensive user experience (UX) research, content management system testing and tool evaluations. In addition, clients can also use the Studio to deliver bespoke solutions; and the Studio’s comprehensive and easy to use reporting dashboards keep you continually informed on the progress of your project and how to improve it. All of these features mean you can develop and test applications that will be of genuine value to your users and perform to the highest standards.

Ready, Steady, Test

Mobile and IoT applications require a shift left approach with continuous testing throughout the development stages and product lifecycle. In addition, the privacy and security concerns associated with mobile apps increase exponentially when we come to develop IoT applications. The vast majority of businesses will not have the skills or technology to accomplish this in-house. The beauty of Sogeti Studio is that the technology and the expert test team are already set up and ready to deliver solutions in Agile and DevOps environments, so we can spin off a service within 24 hours and easily deploy as per your requirements. Partnerships with leading Test Automation tool providers HPE, SmartBear and TestPlant ensure best in class tooling that reduce cost, time to market and time to value, giving you a business-aligned, quantifiable return on your investment. Best of all, the team that work in the Studio are excited to be part of this cutting edge delivery model which in turn inspires them to be genuinely engaged with client projects, with an innovative mind set and commitment to being successful.

If you want to discover more about IoT testing, please download a copy of our new book “Testing in an IoT environment” by Tom van de Ven, which gives a five step approach to successful IoT testing and provides all the components required to implement more structured high-tech testing in IoT environments.

For more info on Sogeti Studio, you can visit our website here:


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