Moving to Sogeti UK after more than two decades at IBM UK, I was looking forward to the different perspective that working in a smaller company would bring, as well as the inevitable change in company culture.

It was an exciting prospect to establish a new business unit in Sogeti, which would be focused entirely on delivering value to clients in areas that are challenging for CXOs across all industries. Many organisations are considering how to gain business insight from the massive explosion in data, how to embrace social media and social collaboration tools to drive positive business outcomes, and how to provide consumers and business partners with an enticing interaction for online commerce.

So after a few months, how’s it panning out? After a very insightful trip to India, where I met with Sogeti’s IBM offshore team, I’m delighted to report that Sogeti has incredibly extensive global delivery capabilities in Big Data and Analytics, Collaboration and Commerce offerings, much more than I first imagined. A resource they’ve kept well hidden from their UK clients until recently!

On joining Sogeti I had expected to miss some of the great collaboration tools we used on a daily basis in IBM. However I found that Sogeti are one of the top adopters of IBM Connections globally. IBM Connections is a platform that provides an organisation with an incredibly usable and rich collaboration tool. From my perspective, the ability to quickly identify experts in the company and illicit their support and advice in real time has been invaluable, and not something that could have been accomplished through conventional means. I hate to think how many wasted emails would have been sent to the wrong people or how many wasted phone calls I might have made, most resulting in phone tag! Instead, within seconds I am finding Subject Matter Experts and immediate access to material I need, and with the added bonus of connecting with their business networks.

Not only this, the people I have connected with so far have been incredibly helpful. In no time we’ve created a video on the launch of our IBM related services, and we are working on the delivery of a comprehensive marketing plan. We’re also already engaging with our long standing customers so that they can see immediate value from us adding these new services to Sogeti’s UK portfolio.

All in all I feel it’s going to be a very exciting 2013!

Find out more about Sogeti’s Business Intelligence, e-Commerce and Collaboration services.

Charles Igglesden is Director of IBM Services at Sogeti, having joined us after more than 20 years at IBM, and is focussed on introducing Smarter Commerce, Business Intelligence and Collaboration solutions to Sogeti's portfolio.

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