WebDriver is a recent addition to Selenium’s suite of tools for web and mobile app test automation.  As with all tools, it does require some set up time and effort. Depending on the project situation this can be quite complicated: which browser will be used? On which OS will the test be running? Which IDE and programming language will be used? You have to answer all these questions.

Sogeti Germany has been busy building a framework that will help you to answer some these questions.

The framework helps to reduce the time needed to get WebDriver up and running to a minimum and, when in place, most of the common browsers can be used in parallel. The framework makes it possible to setup a Selenium Grid in circa 2 hours and have your first test case up and running on it. You can even do this with mobile apps.

During the development of the framework, we tried to make it compatible with all kinds of different websites and, at the same time, ensure it was still possible to easily extend or modify the framework to meet the project needs. Most of the actions a normal user would make are already implemented and can be used.

Advantages of this framework:

  • Completely written in Java and therefore you can integrate it completely into your own java project.
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to adopt to different kind of webprojects, e.g. highly dynamic sites, where the content is changed all the time
  • Easy to extend to your own specific project needs
  • Complete dependency management done by Apaches Maven. Maven takes care of every (third-party) dependency in your project ( and

Possible extensions:

  • Connect it to HP ALM (using third party drivers)
  • Use of cucumber (BDD)
  • Object Repository
  • Connection to MS Excel
  • Transfer available to other languages like C#, Ruby, …

This framework was introduced at one of our clients in Germany and  is currently being adopted and reworked for another client who’s using C# and SpecFlow (Cucumber for.Net) for developing its application, also in Germany.By using this framework you can reduce the setup time massively and have more time for the important things, like testing.

We are constantly working on improving the framework to make it even more powerful.

If you are interested in this Selenium framework, feel free to contect us at


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