At Sogeti we’re very proud of TPI, our Test Process Improvement methodology honed over a decade of experience working with clients to remedy inefficiencies in their testing processes. Today this service has never been more relevant, with more company budgets being squeezed heavily, and test managers being asked to perform better with fewer resources.

One key imperative for businesses is to proactively innovate, improve and industrialise how they deliver products and services. As application testing increases, inefficiencies become more evident and problematic, so any insights that businesses are able to gain into their testing maturity and industry benchmarking are of great advantage.

But what is particularly important in the present climate is for companies to maintain focus on what areas of testing are business critical. TPI NEXT, our enhanced TPI model, reflects the changes in today’s business dynamics and technology developments. TPI NEXT is not an academic exercise, but instead relates to specific business benefits and how improvements to testing can be aligned with an organization’s over-riding business goals. It is important to stand back and look at how testing functions, how it is performing and how it can be improved in order to deliver increased business benefit. Our TPI model provides an objective, step-by-step guide to understanding current maturity and realising business-driven test process improvement. We establish what it is that a company is trying to achieve, and ensure that test process improvement is in-line with those goals.

At Sogeti we are experienced at understanding what is relevant, and then aligning improvements to impact most positively on our customer’s business. For example, should improvements to testing be tailored to reduce overall costs, to go to market quicker, to improve quality, to improve business continuity, or simply to achieve more with less? Should the business be automating more to increase efficiencies, or conducting more risk assessments to ensure testing is more closely aligned with business risk?

Centralised testing is becoming increasingly desirable, and many businesses want to set up their own Test Centres of Excellence for coordinated test functions that work across their organisations as a specialist service. However, a recent survey indicates only a small percentage of businesses have so far achieved this goal. Through TPI NEXT, Sogeti works with businesses to identify improvements as input to developing testing organisations that address key test execution challenges, enhance performance efficiency and effectiveness, and deliver significant productivity gains. By teaming up with an experienced specialist like Sogeti, you too will benefit from the tools, experience, expertise and accelerators required to quickly improve leading to an effective, efficient and value for money testing service.

As with most assessment activities, improving test maturity benefits greatly from the objective view of an external third-party that is able to provide recommendations untainted by internal politics, skewed perceptions or subjective financial worries. We’ll just tell you where your business stands, where you need to be, what you need to do to get there and in what order.

After all, TPI NEXT is the exact same agnostic model we use ourselves as a baseline to understanding how we provide our own testing services. If you would like more information on Sogeti’s world-leading TPI methodology, please click here.

David Harte AUTHOR:
David is the sector head of financial and commercial services at Sogeti UK.

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