I remember back in my teenage years watching the film Gerry McGuire where a sports agent eats some bad pizza and suddenly has a life defining change of approach to undertake his job. As a film-lover I started to contemplate whether such an inward facing review would benefit me. How could this possibly apply to my work life? This led me onto thinking of one of my all time favourite movies, the Matrix, described by many as a cinema defining trilogy. The ‘bullet time’ theory which explores slowing down a ‘live’ environment, to provide extra time to analyse and  resolve issues, a theory every test manager would love to adapt I’m sure.

With this in mind there must be some tools to help me as a Test Manager that, when the chips are down, I can employ my own bullet-time. Therefore helping me to buy myself a window to implement corrective action, or better still, prevent the event from actually happening. Predicting the future, this is now fast becoming similar to Dr Emmet Brown and Marty Mcfly from Back to the Future (another great trilogy), and how if only we knew, we could prevent the project gotchas that catch us out as Test Managers.

With the absence of a multi-million budget or the Wachowski brothers I needed an alternative option.

Using a proven project management framework such as UPM (Unified Project Management) will provide the tools to manage your project. Unfortunately we can’t stop time but this will predict the potential pitfalls and requisite mitigation, prevention and contingency actions required for risk and issue resolution. Better still, the TMAP approach (TM Sogeti) tailored to successfully deliver your test projects will ensure predictability through the use of tools and processes which will enable your project to deliver on time, to quality and to budget and therefore result in a happy set of stakeholders.



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