A few weeks ago I had the privilege of attending the Capgemini & Sogeti Global Testing Community Meeting in Mumbai, India. It was my first visit to India, and, having taken some time off to travel in 2011, I was looking forward to catching up on how the Testing Global Service Line (GSL) has progressed over the last twelve months.

The three-day event consisted of a site visit to our Mumbai facilities, a series of parallel presentation and workshop streams and our annual Innovation Awards Ceremony (more of that in my colleague Clare Argent’s blog post, which will follow shortly).

There were numerous workshops and presentations I attended over the course of the three days. In this post I’ll be focusing on the sessions I feel are of most relevance to the UK. Some highlights include:

*The tour of the test labs
We started the meeting with a tour of the Capgemini and Sogeti offices in Mumbai. Our Head of Rightshore Testing, Delivery and Operations had organised a packed series of sessions, from the Sogeti Mobile Apps Centre, demos in the Test Lab (OAT, Shunra, etc) to client-specific test factories covering insurance, retail, consumer products and banking clients.

I thought the Shunra test tool was really interesting – a plug in for HP LoadRunner which can be used to simulate testing on the WAN (i.e. from different geographies), based on sets of data (e.g. packet loss) from network backbones to simulate mobile networks. For our telecoms clients this additional functionality – to throttle 2G, 3G and 4G network speeds to look for jitters, choppiness etc. for streaming video – is particularly beneficial.

Automation is constantly at the top of our clients’ minds for functional testing, so three accelerators caught my attention:
1. Our CAFÉ framework, which now supports Selenium using Java, C#, Python, Ruby, Perl;
2. Message Based Testing Accelerator, an alternative to SOAP UI but with many more protocols;
3. SAP Script Express to create detailed manual UAT scripts quickly, based on and recording user actions.

I was truly amazed by the wealth of expertise and talented individuals in Mumbai (and elsewhere in India) as well as the tools and test assets that are available to all of us in Sogeti.

*Industrialisation and partners
Another focus for the meeting was the Testing Industrialisation programme, which already delivers increased operational efficiencies for our clients and greater competitiveness for our testing services, leveraging our One Process model (TMap®, of course) across our various Test Centres of Excellence – whether in India, UK or anywhere else around the world.

This was followed by a series of interactive workshops focusing on key aspects that we need to address, such as base lining our testing content, as well as other solution based breakouts (TaaS, MBT). There were also presentations from our partners (HP, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and Micro Focus) each of which helps to underpin this theme of efficiency with their tools.

For the UK, the HP presentation on their Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) product (v11.0) and a presentation by Microsoft on Agile Testing were both insightful. Keep an eye out for more information on both of these and other topics via our subject matter experts, or SMEs, in the future.

I am also pleased to report that our testing service globally continues to do well across the group, with healthy growth targets between now and 2015.

So, in summary, I thoroughly enjoyed my first visit to India and was impressed by the scale, commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism of our offshore testing teams and their hospitality in hosting our visit, and of my fellow participants from countries as far afield as Brazil, Australia and China and everybody I met during my trip.

The challenge for us in the UK is to leverage what we have globally, build (and share) what we need locally, industrialize wherever possible and ensure that our personnel continue to be trained and developed accordingly. There is a global wealth of talent, expertise – and opportunity – at our fingertips.

James Alevizos AUTHOR:
James is VP - Centre of Excellence at Sogeti UK.

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