Our courses have been designed to cover the range of skills needed by today’s test professionals, regardless of the stage of your career you are currently in. We have a range of BCS Institute (Formally ISEB) and ISTQB certified courses, as well as practical career-aligned courses, but which is right for you? We’ve categorised a handful of our courses below to help you decide:


ISEB / ISTQB Foundation
Recommended if: You want to get into, or are involved in a software testing role.
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ISEB Intermediate
Recommended if: You are, or would like to perform the Test Leader or Test Manager role.
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ISTQB Advanced Test Manager
Recommended if: You are, or wish to become Test Team Leader or Test Manager in a medium to large organisation.
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ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst
Recommended if: You are a test analyst who wishes to extend your abilities to test a wide variety of commercial and safety critical software systems.
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Certified Agile Tester®
Recommended if: You are working in, or about to work in an agile team within a testing role.
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Using HP Quality Center/ Application Lifecycle Management Platform
Recommended if: You are new to QC/ ALM, or upgrading from previous versions.
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Complete Loadrunner & Loadrunner LAB
Recommended if: You are new to LoadRunner
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CV Add-ons:

Risk Based Testing
Recommended if: You are a Tester/ Test Manager with responsibility for designing tests
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Practical Test Analysis
Recommended if: You have recently completed your BCS(ISEB)/ISTQB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing and want to know how to put what you have learnt into practice.
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Why train with Sogeti?
Sogeti’s success in examinable, accredited and our own practical courses stems from how we teach. There’s no ‘death by PowerPoint’ – our full-time trainers use the TAP method of delivering training which leverages their years of experience in testing and training. Delegates discover for themselves what needs to be done and, more importantly, why it should be done, through practical exercises and real world scenarios.

Please email us for more information about any of the courses above. Our full list of courses can be found here.

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Although the title of this blog post sounds like an Alfred Hitchcock film it actually refers to something a lot less sinister. I would like to offer you some insight into the positive impact of Sogeti UK‘s ‘Third Thursday’ meetings, a forum at which our testers have the opportunity to share topics and stories that they are passionate about with their colleagues. These meetings take place at our London Wall offices, predictably, on the third Thursday of each month.

Our last meeting ran under the heading ‘Fighting Layout Bugs’. Sreekanth Bongunuri, a member of Sogeti’s Test Automation Team, shared details of a project for a large train operator, and talked about a product with the same name.

Before I say much more about Fighting Layout Bugs (FLB), I should mention that our sister business unit Capgemini recently won the bid to develop a brand new web tier for this train operator. As part of the project, Sogeti now delivers services around integration and system testing, as well as test governance of a third party supplier that provides a new shopping and booking engine. Just to give you an idea of this complex test setup, our team needs to check that the new web tier both runs and displays correctly on three versions of four different browsers across a variety of operating systems and screen resolutions, using both manual and automated testing methods.

When Paul Sheldrake, a member of Capgemini’s development team, brought FLB to our attention, we quickly realised its potential value. The application not only delivers continuous HTML and CSS validation, it also detects typical layout bugs using Java Scrip and image processing. Since FLB is an open source code tool, Sreekanth was able to customise it so that the application would run with Selenium 2 (Webdriver) to automate the test process, and it has proven to be very successful in detecting layout defects.

The layout defects we find include overlapping fonts on the vertical or horizontal edges of the webpage as well as invalid image URLs (i.e. images on the webpage that are not loaded properly). Finding such defects so early in the development stage dramatically improves the quality of the website’s appearance, which is something that we hoped other test teams would find useful as well.

Sreekanth’s presentation sparked a lively discussion during and after his session. It soon became apparent that the work we’ve done on this particular project has created a significant opportunity to promote this early defect detection feature as a service to other clients as well.

If you would like to know more about the product, you can watch a video featuring FLB product author Michael Tamm at or download the FLB code here.

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