Software is at the heart of all of our lives – how we work, how we communicate and how we live. Our role in this industry as software testers is therefore far more than a removed appraisal of software implementation risks, error assessment and test execution. Because we are as reliant on professional, efficient software as many of our clients, we know the advantages of working with those organisations closely. We use carefully tailored solutions built through a respectful understanding of their business situation, values and requirements in our working relationship.

A career at Sogeti provides a unique blend of technical challenges, business appreciation and client relationship building. This offers a very attractive proposition for ambitious graduates looking to make a real impact on the performance and success of leading businesses. This month, Sogeti is taking part in the ‘Milkround’ to attract higher education leavers to apply for our Graduate Recruitment Programme. The scheme, which starts in June and September, is an industry-leading training programme that includes ISEB/ISQTB training, as well as our own six-week intensive training programme. This combination ensures that each of our Trainee Test Consultants becomes fully trained in our consulting methods before they begin working on the client side of our business.

If you’ve never heard the term ‘Milkround’ before in this context, it was coined in the UK to describe the tour of universities and colleges that many businesses take each year to market the career opportunities they offer graduating students. Many people find it surprising that we recruit graduates from any degree background; however software testing is a challenging area that suits a complex skillset. So while an interest in computer science and technology is a must, a degree in computer science is not, although we do require graduates that have shown they can apply themselves and have achieved a degree of 2:1 or higher.

So far we have seen a tremendous uptake in our programme, and we’re on track to reach our goal of 50 new graduates joining Sogeti in 2012. Over the next few posts we will be sharing some of the viewpoints from graduates that have already completed our programme. They will share their experiences, as well as their own take on the benefits of working with Sogeti and the Capgemini Group.

All graduates considering their first career move and reviewing their options should consider the increasing demand for talented software testers and the continued growth of this vibrant industry. In its ‘Software Testing Assessment and Forecast; January 2012’, NelsonHall analysts reported that: “onboarding of new career testers globally will be a continuing challenge for the industry”. The advisory firm also reflected upon the imperative to train an increasing number of inexperienced testers into qualified, confident professionals as the industry continues to grow.

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Laura is a specialist resources recruiter for Sogeti UK.

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This week I read an interesting article on about a woman in Israel who teaches students with Asperger’s syndrome how to become software testers and quality assurance professionals. Her success rate for placing her well-qualified students in large high-tech companies is truly amazing.

According to the article Israel has a thriving testing and QA industry which boasts more than 10,000 professionals.  Ester Zabar takes classes of 20-40 year olds with the mild autism condition but above average intelligence, and trains them for roles at firms like Kodak and HP.

One of the first people to realise that bright people with Asperger’s thrived in QA environments was Thorkil Sonne, he explains why their unique qualities make a perfect match for these roles:

“People with Asperger’s have excellent memories and an eye for the smallest of details. They have a built-in way of working, a passion for details and for structured repetition. In other words, they are born for work in QA.”

Please read the feature yourself. It provides some great insights into the testing industry, the people working in critical software testing and QA roles, not to mention some clues as to how all our minds operate.

Laura is a specialist resources recruiter for Sogeti UK.

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