This week London played host to a two-day international conference examining the growing threat of cybercrime. Representatives of 60 nations discussed a response to security vulnerabilities, with speakers ranging from senior political figures such as British Foreign Secretary William Hague, Prime Minister David Cameron, Iain Lobban head of GCHQ and US Vice President Joe Biden, to leading industrialists such as Cisco’s vice-president Brad Boston and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.

The aim of the London Conference on Cyberspace is to prevent the undermining of the benefits of a networked world through cybercrime and ungoverned behaviour online, the ultimate goal being a secure, safe and resilient digital environment for all.

Information security has always played an important role here at Sogeti, where we understand the importance of testing software to eliminate security vulnerabilities that may be exploited in a connected world. We are committed to offering a complete range of testing services to our customers, based upon the underlying principle of risk management and the end goal of achieving assurance in our clients’ service delivery.

Our security services are led by security testing. Sogeti was an early champion of integrating security skills with mainstream testing at our UK Government-approved software testing laboratory ensuring the supply of proven security-based products into the UK public sector, including education, local government, healthcare and the criminal justice arena. And our security offering is centred on our industry partnerships, of course and supported by the risk-based approach of TMap®.

Speak to Sogeti today. Our experienced consultants from our Proactive Security Strategy group can help you develop security policies based on your business consideration of risk and not simply risk avoidance. We can conduct physical security reviews and procedural checks to ensure that the technical measures that you have invested in provide the protection you expected. We also offer skilled IT Health Check engineers who conduct a bespoke assessment of vulnerabilities such as critical patches, insecure configurations and more.

And we do all this and more as part of an integrated team, so that security is handled seamlessly but not invisibly.


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