Just in case you haven’t heard the exciting news yet, Sogeti has just launched TMap Life Cycle, our innovative free software testing app for the iOS and Android mobile platforms.

To download this free app for yourself, please go to the App Store or Android Market today.

Sogeti’s TMap Test Management Approach is a business-driven, risk-based methodology for structured software testing, designed to address the key issues of quality, time and cost across the whole software development lifecycle. Sogeti’s TMap Life Cycle app guides any software tester with an Android mobile device, Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, through the software testing lifecycle, from planning and infrastructure to control and all subsequent stages of a software testing project’s critical paths.

By using TMap’s defined structured framework for end-to-end test process, our new app is already helping testing professionals to track the progress of their projects and delivering lower overall costs through the earlier identification of defects and the consistent reduction of timelines by at least 30 percent.

TMap Life Cycle includes free downloads that support the TMap process, including checklists and templates, as well as videos explaining test design techniques, product risk analysis and methods to determine test strategy. There are also links to further software testing resources such as helpful eBooks and insightful white papers.

Visit the App Store or Android Market right away and download your free TMap Life Cycle app.


Michiel Rigterink AUTHOR:
Michiel is the testing marketing manager for Sogeti Netherlands.

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