If you do see someone gazing off into space, the chances are that you’re both part of an audience where the speaker could, perhaps, pep things up a bit.  Either that, or there is no mobile reception – nowadays, this idle time is typically spent hunched over a mobile device.

What the daydreamer of old may not appreciate is that they have become part of a huge target market.  Gartner forecasts that mobile payments will be worth $617 billion with 448 million users by 2016, accelerating at an annual growth rate of 42% until then. (Sandy Shen, research director at Gartner, May 2012, view here).

For businesses, this opportunity brings with it many challenges.  To develop an app that will run on a mobile device, do you just buy some of these for your developers?  What about the different operating system variants?  What about other mobile devices?  How do you stay up to date?  How do you design your app so that you know it will perform on real mobile networks?  How do you make sure it will scale?  Can security for both the business and the mobile consumer be guaranteed?

Sogeti’s Jean-Pascal Duniau and I recently hosted a webinar to explain how Sogeti and HP address these challenges. We discussed the priorities our customers have identified for testing of these mobile applications. These are discussed in detail in the Sogeti World Quality Report 2012-2013.
We explained how HP Application Lifecycle Management addresses these concerns with:

– performance testing for mobile apps
– cloud-based automated functional testing for hundreds of mobile platforms
– true mobile network virtualization for test labs

The webinar can be viewed here.

Ray Tomany

Presales consultant at HP Software, specialist in Application Lifecycle Management.

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