Sandeep Sachdeva – We all strive to be young, wild, carefree, daring, adventurous and not afraid of failure. As you have your whole life ahead of you. What if you found that fountain of youth. And what if it was in front of you.

The BigData wave that is sweeping by, is your fountain of youth. The question is: Where are you at this point of time? If you are not on the wave what are you waiting for. 

Sogeti Big Data

So what are the similarities between so called Fountain of Youth and BigData:


Aha the magic words. Do we have something that can help in self-healing? You drink it and it regenerates/invigorates the cells in your body, so that the body feels and acts young again. Yes, BigData can do that as well. When a proper BigData platform is installed along with the focus and direction. It will provide the answers to the questions both inside and outside your system so as to invigorate the entire engine. Think of it as a restart on what you have been doing. And no, it does not cost as much to start. And once you start to see benefits, it will pay for itself.

Competitive Advantage

Once installed, it is there not just for you, but for anyone that wishes to drink from it. Which in turn leads to more as you are far more stronger together than as an individual. A BigData Platform, when built alongside internet of things, will provide you that special capability to be able to energize and re-boost the entire spectrum of the engine. The system will be far more automated and self correcting than what you currently have. The most important part will be that your people will take the right decision when they have the right information in front of them. Think Kan-ban automated through the use of sensors and dashboards and alerts all in one. This then leads to a competitive advantage as no-one will be able to catch up. Your engine is working at peak performance.

Alive again

What is the single most quality that keeps an employee at a company for the long run. In my opinion it is the feeling that they are alive in the company. They have a meaning, a purpose and bring in significant value. It also means that they are empowered to take the right decision for the company and have the freedom to be able to do so without the need for guidance. All you need to do is show them the impact and let them take action. Hold them accountable, but they should be let free on what is the right thing to do for the company as a whole. It is that freedom that will make them feel alive again.

You never fail – you only learn

This is one thing my Dad thought me through the story of Thomas Edison and his experiments with the bulb. When asked Edison said he now knows 1000 ways how not to make a bulb. In youth we learn. The question is why stop? Is that because age is catching up. Age is a number in your mind. If it is important to you will find a way. Edison did. So let your employees learn as well within reason of course. Build a system that allows them to learn. Large companies have Research and Development labs make the BigData platform yours. Allow people to play with the platform with the important questions that you have in mind. Let them come back with answers and take those forward. Explore further, and continue to learn as you have youth on your side.

The technology is here

BigData is here, Internet of Things is here, Social-MobileAnalyticsCloud (SMAC) is here, each by itself can bring you the four things above. Together they will make a deadly combination. This is an opportunity that you cannot afford to miss. 

More information

Would you like to profit from the deadly combination to release your Fountain of Youth? You can mail Chris Vlaanderen or call him at +31 (0)88 660 6600.

Sandeep Sachdeva AUTHOR:
Sandeep is the Global Business Intelligence and Analytics Vice President at Sogeti USA.

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