On the 22nd October 2015, the much anticipated testing event, TestExpo, took place at the Hotel Russell in London. The event hosts Gary Moore and Barry Weston kicked off the day by setting the scene with the theme ‘I have a testing dream’.

VINT Research Director, Menno Van Doorn followed with an impressive keynote that highlighted how he believes the future will look. The IOT has already brought about many changes to our lives and we anticipate so many more that will really change the game forever. To date, most notably, for Menno there are impressive appliances with applications like ‘check my fridge’ which allows him to visually get a photo of the contents of his fridge on his phone while he is at the supermarket. Like many of us, he would definitely like v2.0 to enable him to ‘check your fridge’ to see what is in his friends fridges before deciding to go for dinner! The impact of these new appliances and applications are far reaching and Menno touched on his vision, and what it means for testers. He encouraged testers to de-clutter their daily routine and focus on the bigger picture, so that we are the ones setting pace and the agenda for testing this new IOT world. His talk was inspired by a book and an article he highly recommended:




Being relatively new to this industry, the presentation by Toby Marsden on transforming your testing for the digital age was a real eye opener for me. With recent research indicating that only 18% of European businesses have fully implemented digital testing strategies, it proved that speed is a want, but quality is a need. This presentation gave the audience an understanding of what tools, processes and procedures are needed in order to keep up with the fast changing digital testing world of today.

As the morning session of technical testing presentations grew to a close, the open table discussions were just about to get underway. The Behavior Driven Development round table was the most popular, suggesting organisations want to make communications between management and software delivery teams better to ensure that both business needs and end user requirements are properly met.

As everyone returned after lunch, Ken Munro from Pen Test Partners gave a really vibrant presentation that re-energised everyone.  He skilfully demo-ed why you shouldn’t buy a Wi-Fi controlled kettle, a Wi-Fi enabled child’s talking doll, or app controlled home lighting / sensors without setting up a separate network. His presentation showed how the simplest appliance connected through IOT can quickly go from being one person’s gimmick to another person’s cyber weapon. If armed with some social engineering data, a directional antenna, and some simple networking gear, hackers can make a simple iKettle give up your Wi-Fi Passwords and open up your home network to man in the middle attacks. Indeed the latest World Quality Report states that security scores most highly with a ranking of 6.2 on a scale of 1-7.

Something that became clear to me through the nFocus and Kier IT presentation by Scott Summers and David Savage was how DevOps is becoming a bigger and bigger strategy implemented by more and more businesses. Their presentation explained how it is not always about the IT frameworks used, may it be automation or SCRUM, but for them it was more about getting the Microsoft TFS architecture right.

One more round table was held towards the end of the day in order to get a better insight into the topics that were discussed in the earlier session. This time however the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) table was the out and out favourite. They touched on methods of how to reduce and eliminate change requests which can have a drastic effect on reducing overall project costs.

John Jackson, CIO of Camden Council and Digital strategy lead gave the final talk. This presentation addressed Digital and Super Cloud while delegates enjoyed the drinks reception. This session provided the perfect end for delegates and booth representatives to discuss their testing dreams.



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